donderdag 20 december 2018

Amsterdam, Nederland
The pink animal on the right is a handbag I made, hopefully available very soon. Stay tuned in 2019 ;)

So today was a big day for me because my Christmas Holiday officially started today (I work a couple of hours from home next week but that does not count hehe). Finally, there is time to relax and enjoy all the holiday festivities with family and friends. I have been looking forward to these two weeks so much because of 1. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and 2. I have been so busy lately I think I don't even know how to relax anymore. That is why next week my boyfriend and I also are going to a spa, and what is more relaxing than 2 days of sauna's, massages and pampering! I will write more about the spa next week :) Another exciting thing is that we are going to Rome in exactly two weeks from now. If anyone has tips on where to eat in Rome, must see things in Rome etc, please let me know. I have only been there once and I would love to explore some new local places. 

Today I started the morning with cleaning and organizing my whole apartment and after that planted my lazy ass on the couch where I still am. I did some reading and thesis research on fashion & semiotics and finally ordered my NYE outfit. I find it extremely difficult to find a New Years Eve dress every year because there is so much choice and I never know what to pick. At first I wanted to go for a sequin kimono this year but in the end, I decided I am wearing a little black dress with feathers on the sleeves. If you have the same problem as I do, then check out some examples I have listed for you below. Hopefully, you will like some of the NYE outfit ideas! For readers from the US; if you shop your dress from Misguided you can use the Misguided discount code babe40 for a 40% discount! You will get 40% discount on everything, so don't forget to use it :) Click here to shop! 

Christmas coziness

Do you think I own too many coats? ;)

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  1. Candles are a must for charming and festive Christmas vibe indeed. Lovely photos you got here dear!

    Jessica |


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