Friday, April 14, 2017

It's not a secret anymore that I love Paris and want to spend as much time there as I possibly can. I travelled to Paris AGAIN two weeks ago to buy fabrics for my bachelor collection and have a little time away from all the stress. They have the best fabric stores in Paris and I love strolling through the Montmartre area.
This time my travelbuddy Charlotte and I stayed at Hotel Les Tournelles in the Marais area. It was our first time in this hotel and we abosolutely loved it! The hotel is located in a beautiful building at the Rue de Turenne. We had a very warm welcome and felt 'like home' right away. The room was decorated very pretty and the view of the parisian roof tops was also amazing.

When you enter the hotel you are welcomed by the reception on your left and a living room/bar on your right. I loved how you could just poor yourself a drink like you were at home. The livingroom/ lounge was very cozy so you could sit there and relax or bring a nice glass of French wine up to your room (like we did).

In the morning the Parisian breakfast made from high quality products is served in the basement. We had breakfast at the hotel one morning (which was delicious) and the other morning we had breakfast at one of the cafe's in the area.

The location of the hotel was just perfect. I never stayed in the Marais before but I was happily surprised how cozy it is. There are so many bars and restaurants on walking distance from the hotel which is really nice. There is also a metro stop right around the corner if you have to travel further!

Staying at Les Tournelles was a great experience and I can recommend this hotel to anyone who is travelling to Paris soon.

Thank you so much Les Tournelles for making our stay in Paris extra special!

Visit their website for info here and check out the photos I took below <3


photos: all mine, by Charlotte Biune and I



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