Thursday, August 04, 2016

Hotel Daniel, that's the name of the hotel I stayed at last week while I was in Paris. You might have gotten curious after all the snaps and posts on instagram, so here is a full post about this amazing hotel :)

Hotel Daniel is a small luxury hotel, located in the heart of Paris (8th arrondissement), very close to the Champs Elysees. When you arrive at the hotel the first thing you will notice is the beautiful and super cozy lobby/lounge, where you can have high tea or sit and enjoy your breakfast in the morning. I love how they combined the 18th century style French decor with exotic influences and Oriental rugs, everything looked so elegant! 

We arrived quite early at the hotel, but luckily for us the room was ready so we went upstairs right after we checked in. I was so excited to see the room! We stayed in a one bedroom suite which was so cozy, we felt at home right away. The curtains matched the hand made Chinese wallpaper and everything just looked amazing. I got even happier when I opened the bathroom door and saw there was a bathtub, I LOVE bathtubs! The bathroom was fully marble and had mirrors on almost every wall (perfect for doing make-up) and in the shower/bath there was Molton Brown bodywash/bathfoam and shampoo. I took a bath every day I was there haha, I loved it so much. 

In the evening we decided we wanted to have breakfast in the room (because we both look so ugly in the morning ;p) so we ordered the American Breakfast (check out the menu here) which contains eggs, fresh fruit salad, fresh pressed juice, coffee, tea, yoghurt, Danish (!) pastry and a LOT more. So delicious, I looked forward to the breakfast every night. It was a perfect start to a lovely day in Paris.

I would definitely go back to this hotel, everything was perfect and the staff was really kind and helpfull. 

If you got curious about the hotel, you can find more info or book a room via their website here. Right now they have a special offer where you can combine a night at Hotel Daniel with a lunch or dinner at restaurant Taillevent, a 2 Michelin star restaurant! Find out more about the offer here.

Thank you so much for this time Hotel Daniel, I really hope to see you soon!


Breakfast !

The view from our room.

The 'living' room

The bedroom

The Lobby/Lounge

My P.A. taking a break ;p

pics: all mine, taken by Mitchell and me.


  1. Thanks for the review, the pictures are lovely! Makes me want to travel to Paris again! :)


    Claire from Dresscape

  2. That hotel looks soooo beautiful and gorgeous!!! WOWOWOWOWO!!! LOVVVE all of the amazing wallpaper!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. What a beautiful shoot

  4. The American breakfast looks amazing! Loving these images, you look so pretty xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  5. these photos are so cool,I want to go to PARIS,too! A fashion city! | lace Wedding Dresses

  6. Wow! Looking like a good design this hotel..see more same
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