Wednesday, August 03, 2016 Parijs, Frankrijk

Hi guys,

Super long time no see but I am back on the blog! So much has happened the last two months, the main reason I took a break from blog posting were my exams (as you might have seen on snapchat and instagram). It was a very stressful period with no sleep but I passed my exam with a fantastic grade so all the hard work was worth it. I will post the pictures of my exam collection soon so you all can see :)

ANYWAYS, last week I was in Paris with my friend Mitchell. We stayed at the lovely Hotel Daniel , which is located almost next to the Champs Elysees. Stay tuned because tomorrow I will upload a post about the hotel.
Mitchell was a little scared to go to Paris at first because of the terrorist attacks, but thank god nothing happened and we actually felt really safe in Paris. We did some shopping and went to some of the favorite restaurants; Cafe Marly, Matignon, L'Avenue and of course we had coffee and macarons at Ladurée. It was so much fun and I miss Paris already so hopefully I can go back soon!

I hope you all are having a lovely summer too <3


Ps. I have been thinking about making a youtube channel to and upload some Vlogs, what do you guys think of that and what would you like to see in the Vlogs? Let me know by sending an e-mail to kirstenthyra@sprfrk.com :)

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your fun adventures! xo, sharon





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