Monday, March 14, 2016

If you have read my last post about NKD BODY (read it here) you remember that I became a big fan of the brand after trying their delicious scrub. Yesterday I tried one of their newest products; The Pink Clay Mask and I became and even bigger fan. I LOVE pink so I basically loved this mask before even trying it haha. 

This pink face mask is the third in their range of face masks and focuses on healing and repairing the skin. Also it removes and prevents wrinkles! My skin is really dry and sensitive most of the times, so
I was really in need of something reparing. 
The thing I love about clay masks is that you kinda feel the clay absorb anything bad on your skin like waste, dead skin cells, dirt and other nasty stuff you don't want on your skin. 
This mask dried up really fast which is perfect so you don't have to wear it forever and afterwards my skin feeled so soft (it still does by the way ;). It just gave my skin a big boost after being so messed up by the cold Copenhagen winter. If you want to try this mask or look at other products they have, check out their website here!

Have a nice monday everyone! 




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