Tuesday, October 21, 2014

1. Dior Bronze
I look like Casper the Friendly ghost and sometimes I glow in the dark. All the walls in my apartment are white, I really blend into my environment. I’m like a little snowflake.
Ok you get the point, I am pale as f*ck. Going to the solarium every week is a great way to obtain a sunny glow but ain’t nobody got time for that. This is where self tan comes in the picture.  I prefer this one made by Dior because it smells amazing and gives you a subtle glow in those dark winter times. Extra plus:  When it somehow gets in touch with your eyebrows (which ALWAYS happens to me with self tan, my life really sucks sometimes) they do not turn orange, at least mine didn’t. That made me love my life again.

2. A Beautiful Life; Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum.
Have you ever seen a unicorn with a bad hardo? Didn’t think so. Put a little bit of this in your hair every morning and you’ll shine bright like a diamond. 

3. Say Yes To Cucumbers; Face Mask
How nice is it when someone asks you ‘’hey what are you up to today’’? And you can anwser something like: ‘’hmmm I don’t know, I think I’m gonna get a nice facemask and throw it on while I watch all seasons of New Girl on Netflix and eat a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s AND drink a bottle of some delicious wine. Sounds like a pretty good day huh? But guess what; this facemask will make that day even better. The combination of Aloe Vera and Cucumber makes this mask soft and hydrating even when you have really sensitive skin. 

4. Thisworks ; Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray
How annoying when you’re a night owl but you need to sleep because your alarm goes off at 6.30 a.m. Even more annoying when your neighbour is a Taylor Swift fan and likes to play the whole goddam cd after 11 pm. (great guy other than that so I just try to shake it off, shake it off). But no need to worry, you’ll forget all about that when you spray a little of this magic potion on your pillow. It smells like heaven and rainbows (it actually smells like lavender but you get the picture here). A little scent of this before bedtime  and you will sleep like a baby. Nighty night. 

5. A Beautiful Life; I Heart Unicorn Sparkling Body Scrub

I just really like unicorns so obviously I like this body scrub too. Scrubbing keeps your skin hydrated and soft so it's important to do it a couple times a week. Unicorn scrub contains raw sugar, pink salt and pure plant oils. Last but not least, it has a light smell of lemon and peppermint. Trust me when I say you won't regret scrubbing with this one. 

I hope you all enjoyed my beauty tips. Have a nice evening amigos



  1. I love these facemasks, they are so refreshing.

    Spanish Muse

  2. i have wondered bout the yes to products for a while need to try that brand out for sure!

    This Girl Loves Chic 

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  3. Those unicorn products are so cute!

    xo T.

  4. Um I love your blog. I've never heard of I Heart Unicorns before but their packaging is so cute!


  5. Oooh, I need the unicorn serum!

  6. So nice finding for me, I din't know about unicorn brand!!

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  7. I gotta try that Thisworks Sleep+Pillow Spray! Great idea!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  8. I love the dior bronze, it's so good and I get where you are coming from I am sooooo pale myself, it's a struggle to find makeup so light hahaha

    Much love xxx

  9. i personally love cucumber masks cause they're so refreshing x

    would you like to follow each other?

  10. Stunning shots, as always. Would love it if you could check out my latest look book! And maybe follow each other too?
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 




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