Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for another genius invention by Kevin Murphy? As you all probably know by now, I am kinda obsessed with his products so it was obvious I would fall for this one too. Are you curious already? I am talking about THE COLOR BUG.
In this picture I used the Neon and the Pink Color Bug
It's super easy to apply on your hair!
Last week I was getting my hair done at my favorite hair saloon and my hairdresser Mike gave me three new Color Bugs! (check out their website here: Degger Kappers. Ask for Mike, he is awesome)
I already had the pink one but I really wanted to try out the new colors. With The Color Bug you can change your hair in any color you want and it's only temporary. You can rinse it out easily and your hair will get his own color back instantly. This product is super nice if you want to have another hair color but don't want to dye your hair permanently. You should definitely try it out some time :) It's perfect for a party or a festival.
Thanks again Mike Degger & Kevin Murphy!


  1. your hair is really cute!

  2. That must be a great product! I had dyed my hair 'temporary' once, I had pink hair almost 2 months -.-

  3. I really want to try these! Theyre perfect for festival season :) xxx




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