Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Today I had a day off from work so I finally had time to get my hair dyed and cut, which really was needed because I looked like a vagabond 99 % of the time (all my ends were DEAD). I never dyed my hair before so I was kinda nervous.. but everything turned out perfectly fine, thank god. Now my hair looks fabulous again thanks to my amazing hairdresser Mike. Also I bought new Kevin Murphy conditioner and I got the new Angel Wash and Angel Rinse to try them out. I absolutely LOVE Kevin Murphy, he is like the God of hair products. The products are not shockingly expensive, they smell amazing and keep my hair soft all day long. I can really recommend it if you haven't tried it out yet :) 

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  1. Products sound great, I'm glad you feel better about your hair!




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